About The Playlist

Showcasing unreleased music and other unsigned, independent or major label artists. You vote on your favourite songs.
Every week every Friday
18:00 to 20:00

New and Unsigned

Every Thursday between 8pm and 10pm we play 25 songs from 25 different artists or bands. The music covers a variety of genres and includes previously unreleased music as well as other unsigned, independent or major label artists.

We are always keen to include a selection of local talent and if you would like to submit your music to the playlist, please email playlist@chbnradio.org.

You vote to save your favourite songs each week. The most popular stay in the list and the bottom 5 are removed and replaced with a new 5 songs every week. No song will stay on the playlist for more than 8 weeks.

Vote below for up to 5 of your favourite songs - AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE. Like streaming but easier, really!

Don't forget to click the VOTE button at the bottom of the page or you vote will not be counted.

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