In Hospital

Listen to CHBN on your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop via the free NHS Wi-Fi available across the hospitals listed below.

If you are in the Royal Cornwall Hospital, you can also tune to 100.8 FM using any FM Radio.

Where Can I Listen?

  • Royal Cornwall Hospital
  • West Cornwall Hospital
  • St. Michael’s Hospital

Listening to CHBN via the NHS Wi-Fi


Enable Wi-Fi on your Device

Help with enabling Wi-Fi on your device


Connect to the Wi-Fi network named NHS Wi-Fi

From the list of available Wi-Fi networks choose NHS Wi-Fi.


Open a Web-Browser

If it does not load automatically, open a web-browser on your device.


Enter your details and press Register

On the Register Device screen type your First Name, Last Name and Email Address in the boxes provided then press Register.


Agree to the Acceptable Use Policy

Read the Acceptable Use Policy ensuring that you scroll to the bottom, then press Accept.


Navigate to

Once connected to the NHS Wi-Fi go to your web-browser and type into the address-bar at the top of the screen. Press Go to load the website.


Click Listen Live

Scroll down and press the Listen Live button to start the CHBN Radio Player.

If you wish to carry on browsing the internet whilst listening to CHBN then open another tab in your web-browser.