CHBN 30 Mile Challenge

Fancy helping CHBN raise money in a new way? Well, now you can!

In the month of September CHBN invites you to take part in covering 30 miles in 30 days. You don’t need to have any previous experience of running or walking long distances and you can probably even cover the distance without knowing about it. You can complete the mileage in any form you like, walking, running, swimming, cycling, treadmill, rowing, exercise bike, so long as you are not powered by a motor anything goes! This is your challenge, some may say Your Station, Your Community, Your Challenge!

Once you’ve completed the 30 miles all we need is evidence that you have completed the miles/steps, this can be done via most activity tracking apps that can be found via mobile app stores. So, something like Google Fit, Strava, Garmin, etc, is perfect. All evidence should be e-mailed to our dedicated e-mail address

If you can’t use any of these apps, but have a watch or step counter then make a log of all the steps you do per day until you reach 30 miles. If you require an example document to log your steps then please e-mail and this can be sent to you. For this challenge, 2000 steps will equal 1 mile, so 60,000 steps are needed to be covered in September to complete the challenge!

When you’ve submitted your evidence, we will confirm that you have met the required 30 miles and will then send you a medal to celebrate what you’ve achieved! It’s a thing to celebrate how amazing you are! You will have until the 25th October 2022 to submit your evidence.

So why wait?!? Join up now! The cost of taking part is £11.50 which includes £1.50 for the website handling all the entries. You can start counting the miles or steps from the strike of Midnight when we enter Thursday September 1st 2022 and you MUST finish counting by 23:59 on Wednesday 12th October 2022. You can sign up right here -

All profits from this challenge will go to CHBN Community Radio to help continue our hard work and dedication to help improve our radio service on 100.8FM to Truro and its surrounding areas as well as provide a hospital radio service for the Royal Cornwall Hospital, West Cornwall Hospital in Penzance and St Michael’s Hospital in Hayle.

So why not grab some friends, family, and work colleagues, sign up, have some fun, enjoy the fresh air, and know you are helping CHBN stay on the airwaves and provide a radio service to the patients and staff of The Royal Cornwall Hospitals NHS Trust as well as Truro and its surrounding areas.

One last thing, stay safe, and please don’t risk injury or harm in the process of this challenge. On behalf of everyone here at CHBN thank-you for taking the time to enter this challenge and good luck!

Need motivation during the challenge? Then follow Stevie B on social media via Facebook and Instagram Search: StevieBShow

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